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acts of kindness

Happy World Kindness Day

This wasn't an international day that I knew about previously, but something within me this morning made me check what 'world day' it was. I do that sometimes, do you? And I was really pleased to see that it's World Kindness Day and that this day exists. Sure, sometimes it feels as though there is a day for everything. Isn't there World Donut Day? (there is, before you Google it, it's on 7th June! ). But Kindness is so often bypassed. So often dismissed as merely what we tell children to be. So often not the way that the world behaves.

The news at the moment is not somewhere where kindness is displayed. The awful circumstances that humanity is experiencing, just crying out for peace and kindness.

It also seems trivial in times of trouble to focus on small acts of kindness - what difference will it make?

Well, I believe that small acts of kindness are where we need to be heading. And it's something that we can do day to day to make our immediate surroundings and interaction with others more peaceful, kind and caring.

Not only that, I've been thinking a lot today about how to be more kind to myself. Kind to your thoughts, your mindset, your body and overall wellness. As a wellness and mindset coach, you could think that I'm always 'doing it right' but no, I'm always learning and striving to live within my values and knowledge of mindset strength and wellness.

What can you do then to be more kind to yourself?

To be more kind to those around you?

I've popped up some ideas on my Instagram stories today, so head over there if you need ideas. You'll find me @we.join.the.dots

And to be kind to others, I've started delivering online free guided meditation classes. Every Sunday evening at 8:00 pm AEST. These are for anyone who wants to learn to meditate, needs more calm in their lives, or wants to deepen their meditation practice. It's online, it's completely free and I'm doing it to be kind - to share my love of meditation and to hopefully create a calm, kind community of like-minded people.

Happy World Kindness Day from me to you.

Miranda x


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