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What can you achieve in 10 years time?

Most people underestimate where they can be in 10 years' time. Perhaps feel like 10 years is too far away to think about. Too far away to even consider where you could be in your life? I mean you're probably going to be feeling the same way as now...right?

I'm not suggesting that you start to make goals for 10 years, especially if you're struggling to get through goals this month. However, what I am pointing to is the idea that if you started today on that goal you have and then continued to master 10 years' time you would likely be an expert at it!

If you wanted to learn to speak Spanish, but you have no Spanish except 'hola' in your vocabulary, if every day you learnt one word...just one...then in 10 years you would know 3,650 words! Sure, you might not know how to put them in a sentence :) but you get my point! But most people don't commit themselves to learn one word a day for 10 years. Why? I'll tell you..

We want to be done already! We want success to be in a week, not in 10 years! These days we believe that success should be instant. But I'm here to tell you that it's not about time. The lasting achievement that will carry us through in life is fundamentally down to

our mindset.

Sure, it might take 2 years and not 10 years or you might be fluently skipping around Madrid by March. I don't know how linguistically gifted in Spanish you are! :) However, it's the mindset around the goal BEFORE the steps to get there that is what needs to SHIFT (not the time). We can't control time, but we can control our Mindset.

If your mindset is "If I don't get x,y,z by the end of March then I've failed" or "I'll never be good at that, so why even bother trying". Then you stop yourself before you have started. You are defeated before you have begun. Of course, you won't get there regardless of the length of time.

If your mindset can CHANGE to be, for example, "I don't know x,y,z now, but I'll start to learn about it" or "Everyone started at the beginning and this is where I am, and that's OK".

What can you achieve in 10 years' time? Well, that depends on your mindset.

Do you want to learn how to develop a growth mindset, and reconnect to your body and mind to create the life YOU truly want? Then send me a message.

I work with women who are looking to change their life for the better. To create a mindset that will continually support them to have a better, more fulfilled, confident and successful outlook on their life. No matter their age, or time of life.

It's through years of coaching, research and practice that I have the tools to TEACH YOU to become a master of your mindset!

Send me a message today. Let's start towards that change. The future you will thank you for it.

Miranda x


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