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You are not broken. Here's why...

The idea that because something isn't the way that it 'should' be in your life means that you are broken is ... well that's perhaps broken thinking!

We often believe that if we don't have a certain thing, haven't reached that goal yet or haven't met the expectations of society, we are broken.

Having emotions, feeling frazzled at times in your life, unsure of which way to turn next, that's normal. People feel that way at various points in life and it's OK to be experiencing this. You're not broken.

You are normal.

It's also typical to not know which way to turn next. To be questioning yourself and to look to others for inspiration, for guidance. The point that I want to make is that if you never feel as if you can trust yourself if you have lost that intuitive knowledge of what is right/wrong for you...then perhaps it's time to reconnect and develop that within you.

Having a sense of trusting yourself and knowing that you can get through a frazzled moment is empowering, life-affirming and achievable.

I teach women how to reconnect to their true selves, their intuition, their body, their breath, and their mind. I teach women how to go from lost to found.

Through a combination of Mindset techniques and coaching, tailored meditations, breath practices and movement you can go from being confused and overwhelmed, to trusting yourself completely.

I believe in you.

If it feels hard to imagine feeling that way now, then I know how you feel. I've been there...and I was there until I did the work on myself.

My method of reconnection works. It's calm, it's clear, it's unique and it's holistic. Reconnect To You through WeJoinTheDots.

You won't regret it.

Miranda x


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