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Welcome to WeJoinTheDots 

Mindset & Wellness Coaching For Women

Discover the steps to becoming more confident, and clear in your life path and reducing feelings of overwhelm.

My Mindset Coaching method removes the struggle so you can truly live a life that you love.

I'm Miranda


I'm a Mindset and Wellness Coach and founder of WeJoinTheDots. 

I'm based in Sydney, Australia but work with women across the world via my online coaching and wellness business. I created WeJoinTheDots to provide women with the tools and knowledge to understand why they are feeling stuck in their current circumstances, to join the dots in their life and create an holistic awareness of their thoughts and mindset and reconnect to a life that feels clear, calm and authentic to their goals. 

I support my clients to go from feeling lost, confused and overwhelmed to becoming more confident and clear with their life. My unique coaching technique helps women to gain control of their thoughts and master their mindset to support them now and in future. As a yoga and meditation teacher I provide my clients will calming techniques, restorative movements and holistic practices to feel less stressed, overwhelmed and anxious. 

I work with women through one-to-one online coaching sessions, and offer a tailored 12-session transformational program called ‘Reconnect To You’. Over these 12 sessions, you will uncover your limiting beliefs and subconscious patterning, create lasting impactful positive mindset shifts, and create overall wellness within your body and mind and breath. 

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch here to get started.

What Clients say...

Miranda helped me explore my feelings with care, in a professional way.

I highly recommend her coaching.

- Larissa, Sydney

Coaching with Miranda

Transformational Coach and Founder of the 12 Step Program 'Reconnect To You'


  • Qualified personal coach

  • Meditation teacher

  • Yoga teacher

  • Psychology BsC 


I understand and harness the connection of mind, breath, and body within my unique coaching method.

My aim is that the women I work with develop lasting positive tools to overcome any situations and setbacks with strong mindsets and an authentic connection to themselves.​


Do you feel...

✓ Overwhelmed with your current life situation?

✓ Unclear about how to create the life you truly want?

✓ Filled with self-doubt?

✓ Always making choices based on what you think you 'should' be doing?

✓ Stuck in a unfulfilling job, relationship, or life situation?

✓ Lacking confidence that you will achieve what you want to?

Download Guide

Click on the link below to download your copy of my Calm Clarity guide.

This guide is a taster of the type of process I work with my clients on, so you can get a little idea of what WeJoinTheDots is all about!

Within this guide you will learn simple, beneficial calming wellness practices to reduce stress, overwhelm and create more calmness in your life.

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Book Your Complimentary Coaching Call

To find out more about We Join The Dots and whether I am the right wellness coach for you, then click on the button below to book your complimentary call.​

We will meet via an online call, talk through your current issues, and how I could support you in overcoming these issues to create positive lasting change in your life.

Want to know more about Mindset & Wellness Coaching with Miranda...

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